The Art of Healing: When Ancient Ayurveda Meets Modern World

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Ancient wisdoms for modern people:

A holistic Ayurvedic Yoga Therapist to support your health in body and mind based in Hong Kong.

What do we offer?

We like to use this platform to share with you the effectiveness and benefits of alternative healing modality & life style medicine called “Ayurveda.” Ayurveda is the oldest medical system that was passed down from Indian philosophers, healers, doctors and scholars over 5,000 years ago. The holistic healing wisdom is to promote the longevity of our human bodies. It forms one of the 3 pillars with Yoga (spirituality) and Tantra (mind) to support our holistic wellness.

Ayurveda includes herbs, diet, life style, routines, breathing techniques, detox (pancha karma) and yoga therapy that is a vast topic to cover. To help modern people start applying Ayurveda wisdoms in your daily lives to live a healthier & more balanced lifestyle, you can reach out to us to learn and try Ayurveda to feel the benefits of this ancient wisdom. Ayurveda is all about connecting with nature and harmonizing with every being around us. It’s a non-invasive and a highly personalised way to true health.

We looked into your innate body type (Prakruti), your current imbalances, climate, seasonal changes, worldly events and daily routines. We use a practical approach to share about Ayurveda and make sure you can use these tools for your own path to wellness.

You can begin with a personal Ayurveda consultation, take a free self-assessment form online, join our yoga class and retreat to explore your Ayurveda experiences with us.


Public Group Class

360 Ayurveda Health Consultation

1o1 personal Ayurveda consultation to look into your current imbalance to help you create a new routine, lifestyle and life purpose. We offer a holistic assessment of your physical, emotional and spiritual aspects.


Workshop and Retreat

Seasonal retreat & Yoga Alliance certified training taking place in Hong Kong and overseas, with a focus on Ayurveda healthy lifestyle, workshop, meditation and Ayurveda yoga therapy.

2023 Ayurveda Retreat
2023 Ayurveda Training 
Online Ayurveda Workshop

Free Resource

Read our blog posts on how to use Ayurveda to treat different imbalances for modern people.

First time with Ayurveda? Take a free self Ayurveda prakruit body type dosha assessment online below.

Hello Everyone, I’m currently in Taipei and have decided to take a min-break for myself to re-think what I’d like to offer. There’ll be no classes planned in Lamma Island for the upcoming 3 months but I’ll spend more time in Taiwan to explore new connections. I sincerely hope to see you here on this beautiful and heart-warming island some day. Read on for upcoming events and reach out if you like the idea to tailor your own personal retreat with family, friends and anyone!

Shanti, Shanti, Shanti. April

2023 in TAIWAN:

6 May Saturday half-day Ayurveda Workshop and Lunch

10-11 June (2D1N) Ayurveda Wellness Retreat, Taipei county

Reservation details will be announced soon

2023 Dates to be confirmed

Wellness Ayurveda Workshop Peninsula Hotel, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Ancient Wisdom for Modern World by April Tsai

Ayurveda has greatly influenced Chinese medicine and modern medicine, which touches full spectrum of human life. Join the yoga and talk sessions to fully focus on your body type and imbalance through Ayurveda assessments.

Duration: 2.5 hours (including a 1.5 hour talk and 1 hour Ayurvedic Yoga)

Price: $ 980 per person (minimum 4 persons) ; $ 1,280 per person with Naturally Peninsula poolside lunch

You may book directly with Peninsula with program details HERE

LEARN MORE about AYURVEDA before you join us:

A crush course on Ayurveda? Click REPLAY from our last online Ayurveda Webinar recording. This 1HR knowledge will give you a good foundation of Ayurveda and what it means to you if you like to learn more.

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