Lamma Island Class

Ayurveda Yoga Therapy 75 Mins (with 10 min sitting meditation)

BOOK: what’s app 6468-7681 April (1 day before the class latest) HK$150 each.

At Lamma Art Collective

Address: 1/f, 23 Yung Shue Wan Main St, Lamma Island (Please enter via stairs behind the Spanish restaurant Dale Candela)

**Your safety comes first. We will practice hygiene policy under COVID-19 strictly**


Saturday morning 10:45-12:00PM

Language: English (Mandarin also OK!)

Level: All

Not suitable: children below 12, pregnancy, recent operations (within 2 months), critical injuries on joints/ bones, and any other acute pains (please inform)

For all levels: A rare-find and highly personalised Yoga class to pacify excessive Dosha (Vata, Pitta, Kapha) based on group imbalances, season, weather and environment on the day.

For newcomers, you will receive a free self-assessment for your own Dosha type first. You can also download the form prior to the class and bring it over to me so we can have a look together.

Ayurveda is to preserve longevity of life. It’s within the triangle of Yoga and Tantra: Yoga (Spirit) <> Ayurveda (Body) <> Tantra (Mind) Ayurveda and Yoga are closely co-related and indifferent.

A typical class will include a theme with: Breath Work (Pranayama), simple TaiChi, Chinese meridians stimulation, Yoga therapy, and short meditation based on Ayurveda wisdom for modern people 

We’ll have 3 different types of Dosha class. For first timers, I suggest you to try a Vata and a Pitta class because everyone is having some degree of Vata imbalances especially during COVID-19 with lots of uncertainties and fears. And Hong Kong is a very Pitta city with majority of Pitta people, so you can also benefit from a Pitta class to slow down and relax. Every class is designed for all levels, including “Super Beginners.”

I normally design the class on the day depending on the Dosha types of students, season, weather and present events. Every class is slightly different each time, so you will always experience something new within your body and mind after the class. Please see below symptoms if you are curious which Dosha class is suitable for you.

Vata = Air + Ether
pitta = Fire + Water
Kapha = Earth + Water
Yoga for Vata Dosha (Best for most people with no apparent symptoms)
Physical SymptomsRheumatism, infertility, impotence, digestive problems (constipation and loose stools), arthritis, respiratory issues, insomnia, weight loss, fidget, joint pains, g
rey hair, hair loss, paralysis, dry skins, cold feet and hands, gasy
Mental SymptomsAnxiety, nervousness, fears, depressions, focus issues, quick to burn out, over enthusiastic, over worry, lack of sleep, dreamy, uncertainty towards future
Directional, spiral, calming and grounding
Yoga for Pitta Dosha
Physical SymptomsAcidity, Skin problems (rashes), allergy, high blood pressure, stomach ulcers, herpes, inflammations, heart attacks, large intestine issues, loose stools
Mental SymptomsImpatient, resentment, jealous, anger, over competitive, burn-out, over achiever, perfectionist, greeds, intolerant
Soft, slow, de-heating and letting go
Yoga for Kapha Dosha
Physical SymptomsAnorexia, obesity, mucous, heaviness, bloated, pus, swell, over weight, diabetes, congestion, bad circulations, easy to get cold
Mental SymptomsLazy, demotivated, inertia, depression, grief, loneliness, over-attachment, dependent, over sleep and eat
Strength, resilience, support, take your power back
Want to know better? Consult with me 1o1 to assess your Dosha body type and current imbalances to find out which class type is the best for you.

Trial (2 Class to feel the benefits): HK$280 per person
Single: HK$150 per person


Disclaimer: please consult with your doctor if any chronic illness first. By reservation of your class, you will be asked to sign the waiver of liability for your own safety during the practice. Thank you for taking care of your own well-being.

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