2020 Weekly Angel Card Guidance for 25 – 31 May: Singing and Dancing

Sri Lanka 2019 @Mango Tree Resort, 300HR Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training with classmates for Kirtan

It’s time to express your emotions through a creative channel, like signing and body movement. When you sing, you unblock your heart and also stimulate your heart meridian in Chinese medicine. The heart organ is the seat of all 3 doshas (Vata, Pitta and Kapha). Therefore when we say, “sing from your heart,” you are strengthening your heart health, too.

Sing in tunes you like, turn off your light and play your favourite music and let your body swing away. There are many online Ecstatic dance parties that you can always jump in and dance from your home.
Have a nice and playful week to come. Feel free to share this video to anyone who may benefit from hearing this message.

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