April X Vata Yoga Hong Kong

When Ayurveda meets Yoga: An unique yoga therapy to make you feel good

You will receive a detailed 360 report on your initial consultation with suggested tips on life style, routine, diet, exercise types and more.

You will understand what it means in Ayurveda about how you feel and how you act in life.

Healing starts with understanding. An understanding of yourself and the connection between that and the roots of your imbalances.With an Ayurveda Yoga Therapist, you can expect to have an overview of who you are based on Ayurveda wisdoms and how you can change to become healthier and happier.

Your body has messages to tell you about everything you need to know. All you need to do is to take a chance to open that space, whether on your own or with a trained therapist.

Let us help facilitate a channel for you to connect with yourself.

We’ll sit together for 1-1.5hrs (online or offline) to go over your:

  1. Your intention, chief concerns and goals
  2. Prakruiti (Innate Body Type)
  3. Vikruti (Current Imbalances – targeted dosha to treat)
  4. Agni (Digestive system) Type and Strengths
  5. Ama (Half digested wastes, meaning Toxins) level
  6. Your lifestyle and routine
  7. Your medical history and your chronic illness if any
  8. Examine your pulse, tongue, and eyes

Based on above, you will receive initial suggestions on tips to support your wellness. You will receive a report within 10 days. With that, you can then decide if you like to start a personal treatment plan with me afterwards.

Ayurveda Treatment Program

(4-8 week long)

A treatment can only start after your initial Ayurveda personal consultation to set your goal to assess the progress. 
A typical treatment will last 60 mins per session, the plan will cover below but not limited to treat targeted dosha(s):

  • – Ayurveda Yoga Therapy (a detox style of gentle Yoga flow with TaiChi, strengthening, de-heating and body water draining)
  • – Nadis (Chinese meridian acupressure application) 
  • – Hands-on Reiki treatment
  • – Vayu Ayurvedic Thai Massage (targeted body part)
  • – Pranayama (breath work) & Guided meditation 
  • – Heart Compass counselling (optional): uproot your imbalances from finding out the root cause psychologically

You can choose to conduct the treatment plan either in Central or Lamma Island (rate varies).

FIND OUT MORE About a Treatment Plan

All your personal information and interview details will be highly confidential for treatment purpose only.

Any more questions? Reach out!

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