Demystify Ayurveda: What’s the difference between an Ayurveda Doctor and an Ayurveda Yoga Therapist?

A doctor and a therapist are very different in terms of training and practice, an Ayurvedic Yoga Therapist based on my trainings is to provide more hands-on approaches to clients. Offering a holistic & accessible set of treatments including guided Yoga practice, chosen meditation styles, Ayurvedic Thai massages on targeted body parts and more spiritually-led counselling to help you connect with your imbalances and find out the root of causes.

We start by going through your body type, imbalances, historical medical conditions, routines and your apparent concerns.

I prescribe my clients with wellness tools instead of medicines. Treating the mind will treat the body.

Undoubtedly COVID-19 has shaken our beliefs and dependency on Western medicines; therefore, I think it’s a right time to explain more about what an Ayurveda Yoga Therapist can do for you here.

Ayurveda is all about coming back to Mother Earth, the Nature.

close your eyes, and listen to the sounds.

As an Ayurveda Yoga Therapist, my role is more than an Yoga asana (pose) instructor but someone who facilitate your connection to the True Nature of your own. Imagine yourself as a complete Nature, there are 5 elements within your body: Ether (emptiness, a way to explain is Tao in Taoism), Air, Fire, Water and Earth. You have the quality of different combinations of these 5 elements. When you combine Ether with Air, it becomes Vata dosha. When you combine Fire with Water, it becomes Pitta dosha. When you combine Earth with Water, it becomes Kapha dosha. These 3 key doshas are throughout our bodies in a balance to maintain your longevity of life. Think of yourself as someone with Vata dominant body type, you have a bigger weather system in your mind and body – naturally you have a tendency to act out like winds. Winds are irregular and unpredictable sometimes, so with too much Winds, your mind can become too chattering and eventually lead to anxiety. With this concept, you then know which element can help you feel more grounded. And we look for the grounding quality in food, experiences, lifestyles, habits and relationship patterns in life to stay balanced. So I will help you see yourself through the lens of Nature as an Ayurveda Yoga Therapist. I am here to help you understand that you are never away from the Nature but within one of it.

If you recognise yourself and understand yourself as a marvellous eco-system of the Nature. You will start to know how to take care of yourself.

So what can you expect from a 1o1 Ayurveda Consultation? Think of yourself going to see a Chinese doctor + Therapist + Massage therapist and a Yoga teacher. I know it sounds vague so let me lay it down for you. In a 60-90 min session, we go over your Body Type & current imbalances first. Then to understand your intention and chief concerns. I will then go over your day routine from morning to bed time to get a glimpse of your lifestyle. A conversation based to lead to understand how your digestive (Agni) functions and the level of your Ama (tonxin) to be treated. Then we also touch base on any discomforts or beliefs to be elevated to help you find your balance.

A high level analysis will be shared with you on the spot in the consultation room with some tips. You will then receive your detailed report with suggestions within 10 days. If you wish to move forwards with treatment program, we’ll meet again to set goals and create a personalized programs just for you.

An example: what a treatment plan can look like for Vata imbalances

  • Vata Dosha Yoga Therapy
  • Guided meditation twice a week
  • Reiki hands-on treatment
  • Prana and Udana Vayus Ayurvedic Thai Massage
  • Cognitive Behaviour Therapy – empowering questions to find out if any mis-beliefs
  • Create a practical routine of 14 days
  • And more…

Faith in healing is the key to health. In Ayurveda, we “uproot” and treat the root cause from body to mind then spirituality.

Due to the limited shipping and freight availability due to COVID-19, only needed Ayurvedic supplements will be given if the digestive system is badly disturbed. My offering is modern, practical and reasonable for anyone who wishes to explore an alternative healing therapy to support your well-beings. It’s important to ask yourself, what do you want to get out of this in any given experience.

Ayurveda opens a new door for me to become healthier and stronger. It also provides me a good foundation (body) to train my thoughts (mind) and eventually develop my connection (spirituality) to everything beyond. I hope this article helps you understand what you can expect from taking any 1o1 consultation. Please note that there will be variations on how every Ayurvedic therapist practice depending on their experiences and styles.

Send you healing vibes on your wellness journey. Thanks for reading. Feel free to forward and re-share this write-up if you find it useful.

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