Ayurveda Immersion Masterclass

Level 1: Ayurveda introduction, create Vata movements and more

Monday Boxing Day 27 Dec 2021 at The Yoga Lane, SYP, Hong Kong island 10:00-15:00pm

Register via The Yoga Lane $1000 (including teaching materials, props and refilling water, lunch is excluded) https://www.theyogalane.com/contact

Ayurveda Immersion Masterclass (Level 1)

Your first step to Ayurveda: doorway to true health (Introduction) Be your own healer.

Come and learn about Ayurveda, the oldest medical system dated 5,000 years ago originated in India. Ayurveda has greatly influenced Chinese medicine and modern medicine. Ayurveda touches full spectrum of human life including our environments, anatomy, psychology, diets, daily routines and lifestyles. It teaches us how to connect our body, mind and spirit with the great Nature to find the best balance in health. A way to heal from the disease is to forgive a disease. An imbalance occurs when we cannot digest our food or our life experiences. Digestion is key to full health in Ayurveda. In this introductory workshop, you’ll learn about Ayurveda and what it means to you as an individual and understand the Ayurveda way of creating your own daily routines based on your body type and imbalances.

Ayurveda is a vast topic to discuss. We will focus on your body type and imbalances in this level 1 session and what tools you can use to pacify your current imbalances, whether in your body or mind.

We’ll cover:

10:00-11:30 opening circle, Ayurveda Yoga class and Vedic meditation
11:30-12:00 Ayurveda assessment
Noon lunch and rest time
13:00-15:00 Ayurveda introduction and tools
15:00 session ends

  • What is Ayurveda? What’s the relationship between Ayurveda and other medical systems?
  • Introduction of Ayurveda 5 elements and 3 dosas
  • Assessment on your personal body type and current imbalances
  • Read your body: messages from your pulsation and tongues
  • Decode your type and your imbalances
  • Ayurveda Routine and Clock
  • Ayurveda Home Remedy (Herbs): discover what you can use from your kitchen!
  • Ayurveda & Yoga: Experience and know how to create Vata Dosha movements

Please bring your own pens and water bottle. All props are provided. Come in comfortable wear as we’ll mostly be sitting down.

Contribution: $1000 per person

What can you expect from this workshop?

  • Understanding what Ayurveda is and what it means to you
  • Your own personal Ayurveda assessments
  • Ways to help yourself pacify your imbalances and how to pacify Vata Dosha by creating your own yoga asana and movements
  • 10% off in next Ayurveda master class

About the teacher: April Tsai (fully vaccinated)

  • Vata Yoga Retreat founder http://www.vatayogaretreat.com
  • Current Ayurveda practitioner in Vitaly Center, Central Hong Kong offering Ayurveda consultation & treatments
  • 200HR ThaiVedic Ayurveda Yoga Therapist & Ayurvedic Thai Bodyworker (level 3)
  • 300HR Vinyasa Yoga Instructor
  • 50HR Yin Yoga Instructor
  • Reiki level 2 practitioner
  • Vipassana Meditation practitioner

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