Ayurveda Certification

Each 5HR workshop will issue certification upon completion as part of registered Yoga Alliance Continued Education under YACEP that you can add as part of your RYT training hours. You can look up YA ID 386734 via Yoga Alliance YACEP Directory if you are an eligible RYT member

Series 1 Vata Dosha: Sunday 14 Aug 2-6pm (Completed)

Series 2 Pitta Dosha: Saturday 1 Oct 11:00-5:00pm (Completed)

Series 3 Kapha Dosha: Sunday 8 January 2023, 12:00 – 5:00pm (OPEN NOW)

Level ONE: Ayurveda introduction to cover Vata, Pitta and Kapha doshas in 3 series

Class Outlook: Your first step to Ayurveda: doorway to true health (Introduction) Be your own healer.

Come and learn about Ayurveda, the oldest medical system dated 5,000 years ago originated in India. Ayurveda has greatly influenced Chinese medicine and modern medicine. Ayurveda touches full spectrum of human life including our environments, anatomy, psychology, diets, daily routines and lifestyles. It teaches us how to connect our body, mind and spirit with the great Nature to find the best balance in health. A way to heal from the disease is to forgive a disease. An imbalance occurs when we cannot digest our food or our life experiences. Digestion is key to full health in Ayurveda. In this introductory workshop, you’ll learn about Ayurveda and what it means to you as an individual and understand the Ayurveda way of creating your own daily routines based on your body type and imbalances.

Ayurveda is a vast topic to discuss. We will focus on your body type and imbalances in this level 1 session and what tools you can use to pacify your current imbalances, whether in your body or mind.

What can you expect from this workshop?

  • Understanding what Ayurveda is and what it means to you
  • Your own personal Ayurveda assessments
  • Ways to help yourself pacify your imbalances and how to pacify different Dosha by creating your own yoga asana and movements
  • Receive an attendance certificate upon completion


Series 1 Vata Dosha 5 HR

Chapter 1. Origin of Ayurveda

1.1 ancient history

1.2 two streams

Chapter 2. Philosophy of Ayurveda

2.1 5 elements and 3 doshas

2.2 prakruti & vikruti


2.4disease management

Chapter 3. Ayurveda lifestyle and tools

3.1Ayurveda clock


3.3vata dosha yoga therapy

Series 2 Pitta Dosha 5 HR to cover below topics but not limited to:

Chapter 4. Ayurveda on digestion

4.1 Digestive fire: agni

4.2 13 Types of Agni and 4 Tendencies

4.3 The root of all disease: Ama

Chapter 5. Meditation

5.1 five bodies

5.2 meditations for 3 doshas

Chapter 6. Ayurveda Yoga Therapy

6.1 Principle of Using Yoga Asanas for Heating & Cooling

6.2 pitta dosha yoga therapy sequence (easy)

Series 3 Kapha Dosha 5 HR to cover below topics but not limited to:

This special 5HR certification workshop provides you the doorway to the divine spiritual medicine called Ayurveda of 5,000 years old wisdom.

Are you interested in finding a more natural path to achieve health and wellness? Do you believe that everything we need to stay longevity should be cost-free and can be sourced from the mother nature? Do you suffer from long-term allergy, immunity disease or chronic illness that western medicines cannot solve all your issues?

You will learn about Ayurveda in a sense that was taught by ancient Rishis (saints) and apply to your daily life or integrate the knowledge to your class/ teaching.

We welcome you to join us to learn more about this beautiful way of living called Ayurveda. This will be our 3rd series of our 5HR certification course that you can register with Yoga Alliance as part of your continued education credits. This will also be my last workshop in Hong Kong before I leave in mid Jan 2023.

This Series N.3 is all about the water and earth elements: Kapha dosha – an element that we all have to cultivate love, intimacy, compassion and serving others. Winter is also a Kapha season when emotions and weights are built up if we don’t pay attentions to our mind & body. Kapha is sweet in tastes and it also carries a lot of Sugar quality. It can become sticky, like additional mucus stored in our organs and tissues. Let’s learn more about this “LOVE” dominate dosha and how we can balance it with our life style tips.

Enjoy this 5 min read about Kapha dosha imbalances on relationship & love https://vatayogaretreat.com/2020/07/03/demystify-ayurveda-love-vs-attachment-a-kapha-dosha-imbalance/

We’ll learn about below topics spending our afternoon together on Lamma:

1. Recap on Ayurveda principles

2. Kapha dosha and its meaning

3. Nadis and Marma (Chinese Accupuncture Points)

4. Application of Abhyanga – Oil Massage

5. Demonstrate best suited Pranayama, yoga poses to pacify Kapha dosha imbalances (Diabetes, sluggish and heaviness, over-weight, grief, sadness and attachments)

Investment: HK$1,350 per person, $1,150 for alumni students, including certification, massage oils and herbs blend for individual use

Rapid test is required for each person before attending this workshop. No refund/ date change will be available upon confirmation but can be transferred to another individual. If you wish to send the fees via PayMe or FPS, please get in touch by email vatayogaltd@gmail.com to settle offline

Venue: Lamma Island

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