Ayurveda Body Type (Prakriti) Free Self-Assessment Form

A first step into Ayurveda world: find out your own Prakruti (Nature) Body Type

In every Ayurveda treatment, we first begin with assessing your Prakriti, innate body type, to understand which dosha(s) you are. This is permanent and it serves as a good indicator to understand what dosha can go out of balance easily for you.

Download the free self assessment form below. Please answer each question carefully based on true honesty and also the average state of your appearances/ tendency throughout your life. You should reference your own ethnic background to assess your physical characteristics instead of where you reside.

中文版 下面連結可下載 Free download Chinese version below

Please ensure you circle each characteristic in each column when you assess yourself. (see example below)

How to get the most accurate scores: circle any of the characteristics you have despite which dosha section, and 1 circle equals to 1 score in each column. For example: You can have in your 1) Frame to have both slim and unusually tall, then you will circle both > 2 scores under Vata.

Second step is to assess your current imbalance that is ever-changing called Vikruti caused by your lifestyle, diet, relationship, environment, worldly events and climates.

Knowing what you need to focus on to treat your targeted imbalances from the body & mind

If you are interested in going deeper, feel free to book your Ayurveda personal consultation with us. (only Saturday day time available now in Central)