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*New* 5 Senses Silence Retreat

27-29 Aug 2021, Cheung Chau, Hong Kong Connect with your 5 senses: Bring clarity to your inner-beings An opportunity for you to relax and quiet down: o We hope this Silent retreat is your starting point for practising silence in life. o We believe practising silence give lots of positive effects on our mind and […]

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Ayurveda Yoga Class in Lamma

$150 each person, Sat 10AM Bring your own mat and water bottle Must cancel by 6pm the night before the class. Late cancel and no-show will charge full fees. Min 2 ppx, Max 6 ppl. All levels. Any cancellation will be informed before 6pm the night before the class if black rains, T8 and others. […]

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#truelove #ayurveda #ayurvedayogatherapy #vatayogahk #kapha

#ayurveda #ayurvedatherapy #ayurvedatherapist #vatayogahk #yogatherapy

Demystify Ayurveda: What’s the difference between an Ayurveda Doctor and an Ayurveda Yoga Therapist?

A doctor and a therapist are very different in terms of training and practice, an Ayurvedic Yoga Therapist based on my trainings is to provide more hands-on approaches to clients. Offering a holistic & accessible set of treatments including guided Yoga practice, chosen meditation styles, Ayurvedic Thai massages on targeted body parts and more spiritually-led […]

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Ayurveda and Meditation

Everyone is unique even for meditation style. Find out what is the best meditation style for you during COVID-19. “I cannot stop my thoughts,” this is the first thing people often said to me when I asked them about meditation. The truth is, as long as our heads are above our necks and we have […]

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Ayurveda: Dealing with Loss during COVID-19

What does Ayurveda teach us about loss and grief and how can we cope with it? “Whatever you feel is normal.” During COVID-19, we are all experiencing a certain loss in various form. It can be a loss of a friend, a family member, a companion, a job, a business, a known life style, a […]

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How to use Ayurveda during COVID-19?

I have practiced Ayurveda since 2016 after my 200-hour Ayurveda Yoga Therapist training with ThaiVedic in Bali, Indonesia. I started it as my personal routine and it has worked very well for me after experimenting different healing modalities. Ayurveda is a new life style that preserves the longevity of life. It has helped me grow […]

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