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Organic Farm Yoga & Breakfast Every Weekend on Lamma Island


Lamma Island Class

Lamma Art Collective Studio

Ayurveda Yoga Therapy

Saturday morning

Booking please what’s app 6468-7681 April

3 April 2021

Lamma Organic Farm Yoga & Breakfast

Hong Kong Island Class

Sai Yin Pun

No class until further notice

Ayurveda Speaks: In-person & Online Workshop in 2021

Dates and details to be confirmed

How to find self-love & joys based on Ayurveda wisdoms

A special workshop to introduce you a new way to connect with your mind and body.

Freedom & Love are essential ingridients to Joys

Ayurveda is a 5,000 year old timeless ancient medical system originated in India and by using the techniques we can not just treat but also prevent you from developing diseases.

How do you find cure to your hurt and traumas? Do you feel connected enough to your mind and body and further to your spirituality?

Let me share Ayurveda, this timeless ancient wisdoms, with you on how you can become closer with your own mind and body first. Knowing “who you are” and “why you are how you are” is the first step to take your power back in life.

You will experience:

  • An introduction of Ayurveda, philosophy, origin, 5 elements, 3 doshas and trigunas 
  • How Ayurveda decode physical-physiological and psychological aspects of individuals
  • Find out your innate body type, current imbalances and triguna (personality type)
  • The different techniques, yoga styles to pacify those imbalances 
  • Learn the best meditation styles for your own type to treat your imbalances
  • Find out your own empowering questions of life to step on your self-discovery journey 

We’ll serve tri-dosha herbal tea during our workshop. 

Please wear comfortable clothes as we’ll be sitting down and doing assessments. Kindly bring your own water bottle, a pen and a receptive mind. 

Register now and receive info:

Ayurveda Personal Consultation

You will be guided on a self-discovery journey in your initial consultation with suggested tips on life style, routine, diet, exercise and more.

You will understand what it means in Ayurveda about how you feel and how you act in life.

Healing starts with understanding. An understanding of yourself and the connection between that and the roots of your imbalances.With an Ayurveda Yoga Therapist, you can expect to have an overview of who you are based on Ayurveda wisdoms and how you can change to become healthier and happier.

Your body has messages to tell you about everything you need to know. All you need to do is to take a chance to open that space, whether on your own or with a trained therapist.

Let us help facilitate a channel for you to connect with yourself.

We’ll sit together for 1-1.5hrs to go over your:

  1. Your intention, chief concerns and goals
  2. Prakruiti (Innate Body Type)
  3. Vikruti (Current Imbalances – targeted dosha to treat)
  4. Agni (Digestive system) Type and Strengths
  5. Ama (Half digested wastes, meaning Toxins) level
  6. Your lifestyle and daily routine
  7. Your medical history and your chronic illness if any
  8. Examine your pulse, tongue, nails and eyes

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What is Ayurveda?

A: Ayurveda is a 5,000 years old, Indian and the oldest medical system documented in history. It is a pioneer and influencer to TCM and current Western medical system. Ayur = preservation of life, and Veda = wisdom. Ayurveda means “The Art of Longevity of Life.” Yoga, Ayurveda and Tantra form a triangle of spiritual, body and mind of harmony in true health accordingly to old Indian scriptures. Ayurveda is all about coming back to the Mother Earth, and with the knowing that we are all connected with every living being. Ayurveda focuses on 5 elements of Ether, Air, Fire, Water and Earth which result in 3 life principles of Vata Dosha, Pitta Dosha and Kapha Dosha. These components are everything that made of life, outside and inside us. 

Q:What can I expect in my first Ayurveda personal consultation? 

A: You will be guided through questions and conversations to go over your current imbalances, routine, diet, body type, digestive system, psychology, internal toxic level and targeted areas to treat. The initial session will last around 90 mins to really deep dive in who you are and how you live to find out the most appropriate/ natural way for your treatment based on Ayurveda. You will receive herbal supplement for immediate digestive issues when needed. You will also receive initial tips on your lifestyle changes (including routine, habits, exercise styles, meditation styles and so on) during the consultation. All the personal data and information will be kept highly confidential. 

Q:What a follow-up Ayurveda holistic treatment would look like?

A: Once you have completed your first consultation, you’ll know what’s the most apparent imbalance dosha* to treat and work on. A treatment will focus on both your mind and body: a typical Vata imbalance treatment will include Pranayama (breathing) exercise, guided meditation, Ayurvedic Thai massage in targeted body part, led Ayurveda Yoga Therapy sequence and Reiki. A treatment will be around 60- 75 mins with a mix of modalities involved that’s designed only for you. It’s highly personalised and intent to be sustainable that you can also practice at home. 

Q: What are the benefits of taking Ayurveda therapy and treatment compared to Western medicine?

A: Ayurveda is non-invasive. Ayurveda focuses on treating the root cause not the symptoms. The Ayurveda herbal supplements have very minimal side effects as they are sourced naturally. We provide a holistic way to help clients to live a healthier life. We also promote self-healing and self-empowerment as the herbal supplements will only work the best with a healthy change of lifestyle, habit and attitudes towards life. We empower our client to take back your power of your own health.

Q:What’s an ideal lead time (length) of an Ayurveda treatment to see the effect?

A: It depends on individual’s imbalances but ideally we’ll be checking-in once a week in the first start of the treatment for 4-8 week’s time. 

*Dosha: Ether + Air = Vata Dosha, Fire + Water = Pitta Dosha, Earth + Water = Kapha Dosha, 3 different principle of life, different metabolism styles in the body and different tendencies that go out of whack – it is believed in Ayurveda that you are born with a certain dosha (or dual) type called Prikriti and the dosha can go out of imbalance due to external factors that’s called Virkuti, which is what we focus on when designing your treatments 

Ayurveda Treatment Program

A treatment can only start after your initial Ayurveda personal consultation to set your goal to assess the progress. 
A typical treatment will last 60-75 mins per session, the plan will cover below but not limited to treat targeted dosha(s):

  • Ayurveda Yoga Therapy (a detox style of gentle Yoga flow with TaiChi, strengthening, de-heating and body water draining)
  • Nadis (Chinese meridian acupressure application) 
  • Hands-on Reiki treatment
  • Vayu Ayurvedic Thai Massage (targeted body part)
  • Pranayama (breath work) & Guided meditation 
  • Heart Compass counselling (optional): uproot your imbalances from finding out the root cause psychologically
  • Ayurvedic herbs, home remedies

Available in Central with Vitality Center Clinic Now!

A professional, clean, cozy and well established alternative Medical & Wellness clinic located in the heart of Central, Hong Kong.

Location: Vitality Center Ltd, 9th Floor, Li Dong Building, 9 Li Yuen Street East, Central, Hong Kong. Phone +(852) 2537 1118

Please call Vitality Center directly for booking. (Saturday afternoon available only)

Central Location Service Price: (at Vitality Center, Central) booking required. (all in HKD)

Personal Ayurveda Consultation (90 mins)Single 
(must-have to begin an Ayurveda treatment)
Personal Ayurveda Therapy Treatment (60 mins) Single$1,000
New Client Trial Promo1 Consultation + 1 Treatment $1,500
Return Client Ayurveda Treatment Package3 Treatments $2,550 (after 15% off)
Additional costs will apply for additional herbal supplements as treatment when needed

All your personal information and interview details will be highly confidential for treatment purpose only.

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Lamma Special Organic Farm Yoga Breakfast

Sat 3 April 8:30AM-10:00AM

Support HK Organic Farmers

Saturday: Start your weekend with Ayurveda Yoga and a short meditation on a beautiful local Organic farm on Lamma


I have stumbled into this beautiful and massive organic farm on Lamma island, the 3rd biggest island in Hong Kong. I feel fortunate enough to be able to share with you a very different face of Hong Kong, a tranquil, laid-back, friendly and slow paced islander life on Lamma. An opportunity for me to not just host my Yoga class on this island but also to support local organic produce.

This is definitely a special experience for anyone who likes to start your weekend early with some Yoga, mindfulness and meditation. And join us together to taste the farm cooking vegetarian simple breakfast, with the traditional charcoals cooking style, directly from farm to table.

You will find yourself in a different world from busy Hong Kong after a 30 min ferry ride from Central/ Aberdeen.

Every Saturday (Cancel if Black Rain/ Typhoon 8/ and less than 4 people)

BRING YOUR OWN MAT (you can store your mat temporarily in the farm if you wish to explore Lamma after the class and pick up your mat later)

Location: 菠蘿山莊 Restaurant on the Hills SEE MAP


8:30AM – 9:30 AM Ayurveda Yoga Therapy

9:30 AM- 10:00 AM Farm-to-Table Vegetarian Simple Breakfast (Please inform if you are Vegan)

Direction/ Instruction:

You can take ferry from Central or Aberdeen Pier

Ferry Schedule Central – Yung Shue Wan (Best take 7.30AM from Central Pier)

Ferry Schedule Aberdeen – Yung Shue Wan (Best take 7.20AM from Aberdeen Pier)

Once you arrive in Yung Shue Wan, walk for 20 mins on the main street (via direction to Hung Shing Yeh Wan Beach, turn left on the path to Lamma Winds)

We will start at 8:30AM in the farm for a 60 mins Ayurveda Yoga Therapy class with a short sitting meditation on the patio under shades.

Then a farm cooked simple vegetarian breakfast will be served with hot tea. (We can also cater Vegan and Gluten-free)

You can continue with your day on a hike, a swim or a tan on the beach. You can also leave your mat in the farm to pick-up later if you wish to explore Lamma more. (To be confirmed due to Covid-19)

You can also support and buy the organic vegetables directly from the farm. Just bring cash!

Investment: HK$330 per person including Yoga and Breakfast (Surcharges applied now due to COVID-19 social distancing rule)

Booking via What’s App 6468-7681 (Reservation Required)


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Lamma Island Class

Ayurveda Yoga Therapy 75 Mins (with 10 min sitting meditation)

BOOK: what’s app 6468-7681 April (1 day before the class latest) HK$150 each.

At Lamma Art Collective

Address: 1/f, 23 Yung Shue Wan Main St, Lamma Island (Please enter via stairs behind the Spanish restaurant Dale Candela)

**Your safety comes first. We will practice hygiene policy under COVID-19 strictly**


Saturday morning 10:45-12:00PM

Language: English (Mandarin also OK!)

Level: All

Not suitable: children below 12, pregnancy, recent operations (within 2 months), critical injuries on joints/ bones, and any other acute pains (please inform)

For all levels: A rare-find and highly personalised Yoga class to pacify excessive Dosha (Vata, Pitta, Kapha) based on group imbalances, season, weather and environment on the day.

For newcomers, you will receive a free self-assessment for your own Dosha type first. You can also download the form prior to the class and bring it over to me so we can have a look together.

Ayurveda is to preserve longevity of life. It’s within the triangle of Yoga and Tantra: Yoga (Spirit) <> Ayurveda (Body) <> Tantra (Mind) Ayurveda and Yoga are closely co-related and indifferent.

A typical class will include a theme with: Breath Work (Pranayama), simple TaiChi, Chinese meridians stimulation, Yoga therapy, and short meditation based on Ayurveda wisdom for modern people 

We’ll have 3 different types of Dosha class. For first timers, I suggest you to try a Vata and a Pitta class because everyone is having some degree of Vata imbalances especially during COVID-19 with lots of uncertainties and fears. And Hong Kong is a very Pitta city with majority of Pitta people, so you can also benefit from a Pitta class to slow down and relax. Every class is designed for all levels, including “Super Beginners.”

I normally design the class on the day depending on the Dosha types of students, season, weather and present events. Every class is slightly different each time, so you will always experience something new within your body and mind after the class. Please see below symptoms if you are curious which Dosha class is suitable for you.

Vata = Air + Ether
pitta = Fire + Water
Kapha = Earth + Water
Yoga for Vata Dosha (Best for most people with no apparent symptoms)
Physical SymptomsRheumatism, infertility, impotence, digestive problems (constipation and loose stools), arthritis, respiratory issues, insomnia, weight loss, fidget, joint pains, g
rey hair, hair loss, paralysis, dry skins, cold feet and hands, gasy
Mental SymptomsAnxiety, nervousness, fears, depressions, focus issues, quick to burn out, over enthusiastic, over worry, lack of sleep, dreamy, uncertainty towards future
Directional, spiral, calming and grounding
Yoga for Pitta Dosha
Physical SymptomsAcidity, Skin problems (rashes), allergy, high blood pressure, stomach ulcers, herpes, inflammations, heart attacks, large intestine issues, loose stools
Mental SymptomsImpatient, resentment, jealous, anger, over competitive, burn-out, over achiever, perfectionist, greeds, intolerant
Soft, slow, de-heating and letting go
Yoga for Kapha Dosha
Physical SymptomsAnorexia, obesity, mucous, heaviness, bloated, pus, swell, over weight, diabetes, congestion, bad circulations, easy to get cold
Mental SymptomsLazy, demotivated, inertia, depression, grief, loneliness, over-attachment, dependent, over sleep and eat
Strength, resilience, support, take your power back
Want to know better? Consult with me 1o1 to assess your Dosha body type and current imbalances to find out which class type is the best for you.

Trial (2 Class to feel the benefits): HK$280 per person
Single: HK$150 per person


Disclaimer: please consult with your doctor if any chronic illness first. By reservation of your class, you will be asked to sign the waiver of liability for your own safety during the practice. Thank you for taking care of your own well-being.