Ayurveda Retreat

Immerse yourself in a digital-free, breath-taking sea view and serene space for rejuvenation

“This retreat felt safe, welcoming, personal and loving. I am leaving feeling calm & restored in such a short time!”
“Thank you for the wonderful retreat. I had a great me-time. It was a great inward journey to explore myself.”

Thanks for your feedbacks from our past 2020-21 Retreat participants
Ayurveda + Yoga
Self-Awareness & Healing

What’s special about Ayurveda silence retreat?

This is a retreat where we offer anyone who aims to unplug, still and find peace within the heart. This is also a retreat that is designed based on Ayurveda wisdoms where you’ll be able to connect with your mind and body in a safe space. We offer individual rooms to everyone so you can find time to rest and take the advantage of the serenity, nature and quietness from the retreat house. The retreat program is designed based on Ayurveda clock/ time.

You will also learn more about your own Ayurveda body type, personality, and current imbalances to feel the most benefits from your stay. Each class is crafted carefully to suit majority of the group. An introduction to Ayurveda will also be explained in our first welcoming circle to set your intention for this retreat.

Is this retreat suitable for me?

We will practice silence throughout the first night to last morning to offer you a space of digital detox and quietness for the mind. This retreat is suitable for someone looking for something simple, non-luxurious and a serene place to rest and heal, the Yoga style is Ayurveda Yoga Therapy – suitable for all levels and beginners.

Each Yoga class will begin with a breathing exercise, Tai Chi and a sequence designed based on Ayurveda principles (Ether, Air, Fire, Water and Earth + 3 Doshas)

Each Yoga and meditation classes are designed based on Ayurveda principles to pacify imbalances. If you like to learn more about this special type of Yoga style, CLICK HERE.

If you have a targeted imbalance that you wish to work on to release, we can also support you on that. Please let us know in advance.

COVID-19 Measures:

We’ll request everyone to take a Covid-19 test (PCR or Rapid Antigen Test) to attend our retreat. Your will have to provide your negative test results 24hrs before the retreat. Should there be any latest measurement, restrictions announced by government, we’ll comply accordingly.

Retreat Program (Subject to change depending on the weather condition that suits the best)

Day 1:

Arrival and Check-in late afternoon


Welcoming Circle

Ayurveda Yoga Therapy (Restorative)

Silence Starts

Lights Out

Day 2:

Sunrise Meditation – Anapana

Ayurveda Yoga


Walking Meditation



Ayurveda Introduction Workshop: find out your body type and your imbalances

Active Meditation


Evening Yoga or Meditation 


Day 3:

Sunrise Meditation- Anapana

Ayurveda Body Movement


Walking Meditation

Silence Ends

Closing Circle


Check-out and a good journey home


We serve simple vegetarian food throughout the stay prepared with love by the retreat house. If you have special dietary requests (Vegan, Gluten-free, Soy-free..,etc), you may bring your food and store in the kitchen during your stay.


We’ll source venues that are suitable for silent retreats.

In Hong Kong, such venues are rare to find and prioritized to serve Christian/ Catholic group. We are blessed to come across a retreat house in Cheung Chau. The center is surrounded with a beautiful overlooking sea view sit in the back of the mid hill. The venues are mostly for devoted prayers and meditators. We will not replicate the hotel experiences. The lodge is clean and safe to provide us with the basic need to relax into our serenity.

Less is more. Beauty is within the nature, the quietness and a peaceful mind.


Student’s Reviews about Teacher

“I did a yoga ayurvedic class with April when she was traveling in Portugal, and it was one of the best yoga classes I have attended, she is supper committed, present and funny, I loved her flow and the way she made me integrate every asana. At the end of the class I had the feeling to continue, and it was a 90 min class! I was feeling super calm and relaxed but very energized, best feeling ever believe me.”

April is such a kind soul and a wonderful yoga teacher. She has a warm presence and her classes are always vibrating with calming and loving energy. She makes sure that everyone in her class, despite their levels, are well taken care and feel comfortable. Taking her classes helped with not only my body but my mind. I always felt relieved and at peace after each session. It is healing:)

April, Taiwanese blood and universal soul – a devoted meditation practitioner and Ayurveda therapist to support your healing process

550HR certified and trained Ayurveda Yoga Therapist, Vinyasa and Yin Yoga instructor, Reiki Level 2, Vipassana Meditator, Mindfulness (Plum Village) Practitioner, currently offering Ayurveda consultation and treatment at Vitality Center, Central, Hong Kong and Lamma Island. April has been teaching & sharing about Ayurveda Yoga Therapy to corporate, private and the public since 2017. Learn more about April, CLICK HERE


23-25 July 2022: Ayurveda Silence Retreat – peace, quietness, self-reflection and rest 3D2N, HK$5,000 per person, bring a friend to share the twin room for HK$ 9,500 for 2 persons.

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Spring Jan-Feb 2023: Taiwan Ayurveda Wellness Retreat – rich nature, local harvest, sight seeing and more. Send us your contact means to be updated once details are ready to share