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Ayurveda Yoga Therapy Tutorials

5 easy yoga poses for lower back pains

5 easy yoga poses for neck, shoulder and upper back pains

Ayurveda Yoga Therapy – Free Guided Meditation

A guided soothing meditation to help cool your inner fires down (Pitta) – release your agitations, impatience, jealousy, resentment and angers

Ayurveda Home Remedy

How to make Ghee at home?

I have been wanting to make some Ghee at home for so long, now it’s time! So I like to share with you how easy it is to make some home remedy oil. The highly praised oil in Ayurveda is Ghee (purified butter) – it’s the butter with the best stuff. It’s tonic and therapeutic to improve digestion and immune system. It only takes 10 mins to make and it can last for many months 

More online yoga tutorials and sharing about Ayurveda coming soon! Stay tuned. You can search my videos on my YouTube Channel at Vata Yoga!

Beyond Ayurveda: My Spiritual Practice Resources

Mantra: Ganesh Mantra

Ganesha is the god that removes all your obstacles in life. I often listen to this mantra when I need some new business interventions to my life. It’s a soothing mantra that is also perfect for any Yin Yoga or restorative type of yoga.

Laws of Attraction: Abraham Hicks morning rampage affirmation

I have been practicing Seth’s philosophy and laws of attraction for over 8 years and Abraham Hicks’s wisdom and humour always light up my dark times. I listen to her almost daily whenever I feel I need that spiritual uplift. Her morning rampage also helps me kick start my day with full gratitudes and confidences. I have to say her teaching has transformed my life and everything I’ve desired have manifested in a miraculous way. It works!

True Love teaching by Zen Mindfulness Master Thich Nhat Hanh

I have been been through a lot finding love and understanding how to love. I have had many experiences on this path and had failed many times. By getting in touch with Thich Nhat Hanh’s mindfulness teaching about True Love, I finally came to realise what unconditional love really means. It’s so expensive and not limited to romantic love but for ourselves and everyone else. It’s the greatest teaching of all if you want to find a romantic partner or re-establish the harmony with your children/ family members. His teaching is so insightful and timeless. His non-religion and non-duality views is powerful and break-through.

Yoga Nidra (Yoga Sleep Meditation) by Dharma Mittra (Dharma Yoga)

Dharma Yoga in NYC was created by selfless and devoted Yogi 80 years old teacher Dharma Mittra. I was grateful and fortunate enough to meet him and attend his class during my trip to NYC 2 years ago after I heard so many good things about his teaching. He entered the room glorifying the space and my tears dropped straight away. He is one of the humblest and selfless teachers I have encountered in my Yoga journey and I’ve taken his dharma into my Yoga teaching styles and my own practice deeply to my heart.

Goenka’s Buddha’s Teaching from Vipassana Meditation Retreat

I’ve attended 5 times of Vipassana retreats including 1 time serving in Spain in 2019. Vipassana is a silent 10 day sitting meditation, free of charge for new students. They have centres all over the world. Vipassana is the technique Buddha taught his meditation to remove sufferings and ignorances from people 2,500 years ago. It asks to observe your own breaths (Anapana) and body sensations (Vipassana). No visualisations, no mantra, no chanting, no dependence on outside tools but simply your own aspirations. It’s a deep clean-up of the mind and a must-have experience if you want to cultivate your meditation practice. It has also greatly changed my life. It became my daily routine and a part of me.

Yoga Music for self practice at home

I have a wide range of music I play when I practice and teach depending on the Ayurveda dosha I wish to treat. I normally play soft/ slow tunes for Vata and Pitta, and a more upbeat for Kapha such as Vinyasa flow music. This is a good tune as there’s no interruption from the advert. If you have Spotify, I recommend below music list:

Mantra: Devaloka by Sean Jonson & The Wild Lotus Band, Sadhana, Ajeet Kaur, Deva Premal, Snatan Kaur, Indra Mantras – Niranjana

Vinyasa: Deya Dova, History of Colour

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