Online Group Class

Online Ayurveda Yoga Therapy

A yoga style that is designed to treat physical and mental imbalances caused by environment, stress and loss of a relationship.

Open for Corporate & Private Group Booking Upon Request

While we are relaxing the social distancing in Hong Kong, online classes are now available via private and corporate booking only. Please contact for further details. Thank you!

About this Event

Have you heard about Ayurveda? How about Ayurveda Yoga?

Yes? That’s wonderful then this is a Yoga class designed deliberately to decrease Vata dosha in your body and mind.

No? That’s totally no problems. Think of a Yoga class that every pose we do has a therapeutic purpose to treat excessive air qualities in your body. How do you feel if your body is filled up with too much air? Feeling bloated, respiratory issues and digestive problems and so on.

This is a class that is not just a regular Yoga class but we are practicing to aim to help those who are prone to:

Physical imbalances: Rheumatism, anxiety, infertility, impotence, digestive problems, arthritis, insomnia, nervous system disorders, sleeping problems, constipation, short of breaths, quick to burn-out, lack of energy, cold hands and feet, dry hair and skins, joint pains, fidgeting, shaking and low body temperature.

Mental imbalances: over-worry, over-thinking, fearful, nervous, paranoia, depressed moods, indecisive, nervous, anxious about future, un-focused, grief, overly distracted.

Ayurveda is a 5000 year old timeless ancient medical system originated in India and by using the techniques we can not just treat but also prevent you from developing these imbalances.

I welcome you to join me if you have never tried this rare-find of Yoga class before. Let us jump online and practice a carefully crafted class together.

How would you feel after the class? You will feel GOOD.

Taught: English (Mandarin upon request)

Levels: All

Not suitable: Recent major injuries/ operation, pregnancy and children under 12

You will receive online meeting instruction once you register.

Reminder: Please consult with your doctor first if you have any chronic illness as this class is not meant to replace your medical treatment when it comes to any acute illness.


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