Online Group Class

Online Ayurveda Guided Meditation

Start Your Day with Peace and Joys

Open for Corporate & Private Group Booking Upon Request

Start your day with morning meditation with ease.

I’ll like to offer this opportunity to guide an online meditation class to support whoever is ready to form a new home practice to sit at this challenging time.

Techniques: Ayurveda based to focus on grounding and connecting with inner peace, to reduce Vata and Pitta.

We will strip down the theory and focus on practicing with breaths. Keep it simple and yet very powerful.

Contribution: HK$50 each person US$6.5 each person

Online Partner Thai Massage Class

Coming Soon

Learn how to offer a full body simple Thai massage to your loved ones step by step from home

Have you experienced true mindfulness in massages? Do you believe our hands are the best tools we have to heal selves and others? This is a unique class to teach you how to give and receive Thai massage based on Ayurveda principles.

Language: English (Mandarin upon request)

Level: All, not for pregnancy, children below 16 and critical injured, No prior experiences required!

Class Feature: Unconditional love and acceptance, Interactive, Intuitional, Watery, Flowy, Therapeutic, Mindfulness






You will be exposed to a different arenas of massage (Bodywork) based on Ayurveda principles.

We will show you how to give massages with metta (unconditional love/ kindness for others) – it’s different from any other massages you’ve experienced but divine and purely therapeutic. This is a class with full clothes on. Please be reminded that if you are coming alone, there’s a chance you’ll be paired up with same or different sex to practice. We will try our best to ensure you feel most comfortable though. Let us know if you have any concerns prior to joining the session!

– Introduction of Ayurveda vs Thai Massage

– Learn how to massage your partner (full body, take turn)

Prepare: 2 mats to lie down, 1 blanket, 1 small pillow or cushion to place your head, essential oils, massage oils (optional)

Investment: 2 person to pair up HK$500 via PayMe or via event brite link

Registration must be done via pre-payment. A link on how to join the meeting will be sent right away with instructions.

Please advise if you have any chronic illness, injuries, heart problems, allergy in advance.


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