What is Ayurveda Yoga Therapy

Ayurveda is a 5000 year old timeless ancient medical system originated in India and by using the techniques we can not just treat but also prevent you from developing these imbalances.

A rare-find therapy class to treat your body and mind imbalances according to Ayurveda dosha.

Ancient Wisdoms for Modern People

When Ayurveda meets Yoga: an unique Yoga Therapy to make you feel good!

Have you heard about Ayurveda? How about Ayurveda Yoga Therapy?

Yes? That’s wonderful then this is a Yoga class designed deliberately to decrease excessive different dosha in your body and mind.

No? That’s totally no problems.

Let’s take Vata dosha as a common example. Think of a Yoga class that every pose we do has a therapeutic purpose to treat excessive air qualities in your body. How do you feel if your body is over-filled up with too much air? You might feel bloated? breathing difficulties? Take a look below for more details.

Each of my Ayurveda Yoga Therapy class is carefully designed to bring your safety first and include below elements to support you to feel “Good.”

  • Yoga poses to treat excessive Ayurveda Dosha (Vata, Pitta, Kapha) Each class is designed to ease symptoms below
  • Breath Work (Pranayama), simple Tai Chi, Ki, Prana movements to facilitate your breaths to calm your minds.
  • Short meditation: guided, lying and silent sitting meditations. I borrow Ayurveda principles to decide which meditation most suitable to the theme of the class.
  • Chinese Meridian: Nadis in Ayurveda is what we called meridians in our bodies that transport subtle energies and Chi (Prana and Vayus) to balance our health. I also apply the use of Chinese meridian to open these blocks by tapping, rubbing and stimulating targeted acupuncture pressure points.

Which Ayurveda Yoga Therapy class is the best for you?

Find out based on your apparent symptoms:

Yoga for Vata Dosha (Best for most people with no apparent symptoms)
Physical SymptomsRheumatism, infertility, impotence, digestive problems (constipation and loose stools), arthritis, respiratory issues, insomnia, weight loss, fidget, joint pains, grey hair, hair loss, paralysis, dry skins, cold feet and hands, gasy
Mental SymptomsAnxiety, nervousness, fears, depressions, focus issues, quick to burn out, over enthusiastic, over worry, lack of sleep, dreamy, uncertainty towards future
Directional, spiral, calming and grounding
Yoga for Pitta Dosha
Physical SymptomsAcidity, Skin problems (rashes), allergy, high blood pressure, stomach ulcers, herpes, inflammations, heart attacks, large intestine issues, loose stools
Mental SymptomsImpatient, resentment, jealous, anger, over competitive, burn-out, over achiever, perfectionist, greeds, intolerant
Soft, slow, de-heating and letting go
Yoga for Kapha Dosha
Physical SymptomsAnorexia, obesity, mucous, heaviness, bloated, pus, swell, over weight, diabetes, congestion, bad circulations, easy to get cold
Mental SymptomsLazy, demotivated, inertia, depression, grief, loneliness, over-attachment, dependent, over sleep and eat
Strength, resilience, support, take your power back


Want to know better? Consult with me 1o1 to assess your Dosha body type and current imbalances to find out which class type is the best for you.

Reminder: Please consult with your medical doctor and medical practice for any of your illness as your primary treatment. Ayurveda Yoga Therapy is a supplementary care and not supposed to be a replacement of your sole treatment plan.

Take a look of my video speaking about Ayurveda and Yoga:

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